Insider Stories From Casino Employees

Casino employees have long known that two percent of employees harbor criminal intentions and see the gaming floor as an open invitation for theft from employers. Gaming floors provide ample opportunities for these workers to steal funds.

As soon as you place a bet in a casino or spin a slot machine, your actions are being tracked and casino staff know more about you than you do about themselves.

1. A Game Dealer’s Recollection of a Cheat

Casinos serve as massive money exchanges that also provide entertainment, with humans and machines gambling on games with the expectation that they will end up with more cash than when they started.

Casinos must contend with all manner of strange occurrences, from drunken fights and hookups in the corner, to people using adult diapers in front of other guests – casinos have seen it all, it seems.

One of the more bizarre stories from a casino employee centers on an elaborate cheating scheme at blackjack tables. A dealer would allegedly reveal her hole card to another player so they could alter their play and place bets accordingly – ultimately leading them to victory at 113 times before visual surveillance noticed what was going on. It is just one example among numerous cheating scandals that have rocked gaming since 1999 – whether through card counting, equipment manipulation or any other means – costing casinos millions in lost profits each time such schemes happen.

2. A Game Dealer’s Recollection of a Cheat

As a dealer for table games, your primary responsibility will be storing money and chips safely while monitoring for cheaters and calculating payoffs. This task cannot be left to just anyone; only experienced dealers should attempt it.

Gabrila witnessed something during her first week on the floor that has since bothered her: an attempt at targeting those with gambling addictions. Gabrila is part of Massachusetts GameSense program which seeks to help problem gamblers – those who lose control over finances or relationships and spend beyond what is affordable – manage their spending habits more responsibly.

Casinos have drastically cut payroll expenses in recent years by decreasing the number of employees assigned to each table, including box people on craps tables who protect physical bankroll of chips, collect all received currency and watch for any cheating or other forms of advantage play. Today however, these roles often fall upon more seasoned dealers, opening more opportunities for bad actors.

3. A Game Dealer’s Recollection of a Cheat

Working as a casino dealer requires more than simply pushing chips around. It involves monitoring behavior, searching out cheaters, calculating payoffs, and maintaining patience while maintaining good humor – an arduous yet rewarding endeavor!

Gambling floors can be an alluring temptation for employees with dishonest intentions. While cheating is relatively rare and casinos employ security protocols to monitor staff, pressure from management or an opportunity may induce staff members to steal from those they serve – giving rise to theft from within the casino itself.

Gabrila works for GameSense, a Massachusetts program dedicated to aiding problem gamblers. She and another employee regularly walk the casino floor looking out for anyone losing too much; sometimes this involves convincing someone of their danger, like when an elderly woman was spending all her savings; other times they simply encourage players to keep playing despite research showing they could become addicted – an approach known as active addiction monitoring (AA).

4. A Game Dealer’s Recollection of a Cheat

Casino employees know first-hand about seeing things that go beyond anyone’s imagination – from hookups in corners, drunken fights and weddings! That is why Vegas has earned its nickname: Sin City.

One dealer was caught using a hole-card reading device to cheat players out of tips. While such a device should prevent dealers from peeking under up-cards during blackjack deals, this dealer used it instead to gain insight into player hands by giving her readouts on how strong or weak their hands were.

Casino machine surveillance enables casinos to gain more knowledge than ever about their customers than ever before. When a customer is about to depart, casinos can send a luck ambassador – a real person offering incentives for staying and playing more – as a form of persuasion to keep playing and stay with the game machine. All this thanks to data being gathered with each button a player presses.

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